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Latino Business Speakers

"It is the perfect time to launch the Latino Business Speakers Bureau (LBSB). For far too long, companies have engaged ​external ​speakers to ​their own leaders with virtually no inclusion of Latino ​speakers​. LBSB exists to make it significantly easier for them to find top-notch business speakers who happen to be Latino. I'm honored to be a member of the LBSB and to fully endorse it as the premier ​Latino ​speakers bureau."

Jorge Ferraez,

Publisher of Latino Leaders



Organizations that Endorse Us

Walmart Event Solutions Team


"The Latino Business Speakers Bureau has been a great partner in finding and connecting to diverse speakers for Walmart’s many events. Event Solutions has primary responsibility for securing top speakers for the company, so we know how challenging it can be to find just the right speaker. The Latino Business Speakers Bureau is a great resource, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to find and engage top-notch Latino business speakers with inspiring stories to share with our audiences."

Northwest Arkansas Community College

“Preparing students to succeed in the global marketplace and workplace is our top priority and the Latino Business Speakers Bureau will provide us with a premiere source of distinguished Latino Leaders who can help us deliver on our commitment.”


Corning, Inc.

"We're honored to pledge our support for the Latino Business Speakers Bureau. This venture closes a gap that has existed for many years and will now make it easier for companies like Corning to engage top Latino business speakers to help inspire, engage, and empower our employee resource groups and our leaders worldwide."

Wells Fargo

"Wells Fargo is committed to recruiting and developing talented team members across our company. We're pleased to see that the Latino Business Speakers Bureau will be a big voice in providing top-notch Latino business insights to help us deliver on our commitment.”

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