Mr. Martinez began his career in the hospitality industry and dedicated 17 years to  Marriott International achieving responsibility as the head of Pacific North-West  Marriott  hotel  select  service  

operations; Bethesda, Maryland Marriott hotel General manager; national head of  Marriott select service revenue and pricing management; VP of U.S. Workforce Diversity; and head of HR for Marriott select-service brands.


Mr. Martinez is skilled in designing and executing strategies in the areas of behavioral assessment, performance management, organizational diagnostics, executive compensation, executive coaching and large scale transformation. He holds a BSBA from  Denver University where he proudly played 2nd base and shortstop for the Denver  Pioneers and also graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavioral Psychology.Trained as a professional executive coach and keenly interested in human behavior, Mr. Martinez helps others to identify and overcome self imposed inhibitors to optimizing their full capacity. As the son of Mexican immigrant parents, Mr. Martinez was born in Chicago, Illinois yet spent the formative years of his life in Mexico City, México. This experience exposed him to the challenges and opportunities facing the minority communities of the United States which has formed the basis for his work and interests in psychology, leadership behavior, diversity, and business management. Married with two children, he has continued his passion for learning by participating in leadership development programs at Georgetown University, Harvard Business School, CEB, and the Corporate Leadership Council.


alfonso martinez

Mr. Martinez was EVP and CHRO for Laureate International  Universities from 2013 through 2017. Laureate is the largest Private Benefit Corporation in the world managing 80 universities in 30 countries who collectively educate over one million students each year. Laureate has 70,000 employees. From 2007 to 2013, Mr. Martinez led the HR function for Nextel International Inc. as EVP, and CHRO. Previously, he was CEO of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility.


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