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Global Speakers

Raymond Arroyo

Former Chief Diversity Officer, Aetna

Chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Adam Arroyos

Founder and CEO, Grandslam Performance 

Associates, LLC, C-Suite Advisor, Executive Coach, and Entreprenuer

Claudia Romo Edelman

Founder, We are All Human Foundation

Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker

Founder and Co-Host of Globals GoalsCast Podcast

Charles P. Garcia

Successful Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Leading Latino Motivational Speaker

Jose M. Hernandez

Former Astronaut and Legislative Analyst, NASA

President and CEO, Tierra Luna Engineering

Rosario Marin

41st U.S. Treasurer, Secretary of the California and State and Consumer Services Agency, Former Mayor and Councilwoman of the City of Huntington Park

Shayla Rivera

ABC- "Awareness Begins Change" Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Betty Uribe

International Best-Selling Author, Financial Services Executive, Value-Based Leader and Speaker

Albert C. Zapanta

Councilman of the City of Irving, Texas

President and CEO of the U.S. - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Chairman and CEO of the U.S. -Mexico Cultural and Educational Foundation,

Chairman, Reserve Forces Policy Board


Ana-Larrea Albert

Founder and President, NENANI,

Marketing & Customer Experience Executive,

Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Author, Social Entrepreneur, International Speaker

Andre Arbelaez

National Hispanic Leader

President, HC3 and HITEC

Theresa Barrera-Shaw

Retail Consultant, VP Supplier Administration, VP DMM Seasonal, VP DMM Stationary

Vince Chapa

Senior VP of Sales, Softek

VP of Sales, CenturyLink

Managing Director, Advisory, KPMG

Jorge Ferraez

Publisher, Latino Leaders Magazine and Lideres Mexicanos Magazine

Dr. Mario Mendoza

Healthcare and Medical Affairs Consultant

Founder of non-profit organization Lifeundocumented.org

Gaby Natale

Executive Producer and Host, SuperLatina PBS,

Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker,

3-Time Daytime Emmy Winner

Robert J. Renteria

Successful Businessman, International Award Winning Latino Author and Inspiring Speaker

Ivan Zapien

U.S. Senate Chief of Staff, Head of Washington DC Office for Fortune One, Leader in Corporate Affairs in Mexico City



Barry Cordero

Director of Operations Excellence, Medtronic Diabetes, Founder and CEO, Rolling Belt Inspired Solutions, LLC

Diana Kelly

COO and President of Bedrosians Tile and Stone

Leandro Margulis

VP Maps APIs and Product Marketing, Advisory Board Member, foodspace +co, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances, Founder of SearchNWork Inc.

Alfonso Enrique Martinez

Multinational Business Leader, Chief Human Resource Officer, Executive Coach, Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fernando Rosario

President and Founder of Exeqpath, Chief Technology Officer, Raisal Consulting Executive, Certified Executive Coach, Member of National Speakers Association 

Dr. Alex Sevilla

Associate Dean, Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida

Leadership Expert

We have many more speakers who have agreed to join our bureau and are in the process of collecting their bios and pictures to post them here. We will update the website with new speakers on a weekly basis. We also have others who we won't be posting for now. If you have specific individuals in mind,  let us know and we'll endeavor to find them for you.

Graciela Meibar

Founder and Principle of Graciela Meibar Coaching, Consulting, Inspiration, Inc. 

Executive Coach, Speaker, Senior Advisor 

Judy Ryan

Author, Consultant, Trainer, Coach,

Columnist & Keynote Speaker

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