For over 29 years Robert has served in the commercial coin laundry industry beginning his career in outside sales in 1990, then after only six years moving up and into Executive Sales and Management, then later owning his own successful laundry distribution company.

He was the first and only Latino in this field to hold the title as International Executive Vice President of commercial sales for a publicly traded (TUC/NYSX) company.  Robert developed and managed the largest multi million dollar producing sales team both nationally and internationally.


Over the past 11 years Robert has invested over $350,000.00 to develop a comprehensive bilingual non generic culturally relevant book series and program that is being taught to schools and businesses across America and in over 25 other countries around the world.  Significant to note that Robert self funded this program to develop a blue print to help build a pipeline for young future Latino leaders to pursue their hopes and dreams both in business and in life.  Website:

Robert Renteria has received numerous awards and accolades as a civic and business leader.  Robert continues his quest to instill in others a strong desire to succeed and to show by example that you absolutely can realize your dreams through hard work, determination and education.


Robert served honorably in the United States Army as a paratrooper and a highly decorated elite soldier and Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. and overseas for over seven years. He has been featured multiple media outlets such as FOX, WGN, ABC and Univision networks as well as dozens of speaking appearances to corporations such as McDonald's, General Motors, General Mills and Boeing.  Robert is also extremely passionate about speaking to students in cities across the country in middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities and also conferences.  Robert's speaking covers a broad spectrum, he has motivated and inspired audiences from as small as 50 people to over 8,500 peoples electrifying an entire sold out indoor pavilion.


Robert Renteria has dedicated his life to helping others break through that proverbial glass ceiling.  As society evolves, he is continuously seeking new ways to apply his principles to life and business circumstances.  Robert wants others to dream and to dream big because if the dream is big enough the odds don't even matter.


It is Robert's vision that it is our time, its Latino time, a big idea who's time has come.  That in your lifetime, that in our lifetime, that we will swear in the first Latino and or Latina President of the United States of America!




"From the Barrio to the Board Room" - Written by our very own Latino Author -

Robert J. Renteria


Robert J. Renteria

Robert Renteria is the first and only Latino in the world to have ever received two National Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Awards for his work and a civil rights leader and a Latino voice in educational reform.  Mr. Renteria is an international symbol of hope and success.


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