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Speaker Development


A focused learning program that helps you refine your inspirational story, your presentation skills, reshape your story, elevate your effectiveness in engaging and captivating any audience by developing your capacity in the following:

  • Developing and Delivering a Clear, Concise, and Compelling Presentation

  • Achieving a Strong Stage Presence 

  • Refining your Personal and Professional Story

  • Organizing your Story with Key Messages

  • Connecting to an Audience of All Sizes

  • Making an Interpersonal Connection

  • Engaging a Diverse Audience

speaker development process



Step One

Consultative Session: The speaker will visit with a GPA coach who will assist the speaker in discovering which level of speaker development package is most appropriate for them given his/her experience.

Step Two

Discovery: With the assistance of a GPA coach, the speaker will determine his/her subject matter expertise, which topics the speaker would most successfully speak on, and identify target audiences for the speaker. 



Step four

Plan Implementation: A GPA coach will work directly with the speaker to complete the continuous development plan throughout a set number of sessions. 

Step five

Speaker Evaluation and Next Steps: An evaluation of the speaker will be completed by this GPA coach to determine if the speaker is ready to become an LBSB speaker or if they require additional speaker development. 


Step Three

Customized Speaker Development Plan:

A speaker development plan will be customized to the speaker and will include a portfolio of sessions as well as the scheduling of the sessions.


Step six A

Onboard as an LBSB speaker: The speaker will be on-boarded as an LBSB speaker and added to the LBSB website.  

Step six B

Continue on with Speaker Development: If the speaker requires additional speaker development, he/she will be encouraged to continue to work with his/her GPA coach to continue to develop in the specific areas identified. 

speaker development form

All Speaker Development for the Latino Business Speakers Bureau will be implemented by Grandslam Performance Associates, LLC. This firm has a team of coaches of highly experienced professionals who are certified in GPA's Coaching Methodology. Whether its speaker development coaching, leadership coaching, or executive coaching, GPA has a proven track record of successfully helping leaders achieve their growth and development goals. To learn more about Grandslam Performance Associates, LLC click the button below. 

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